MLB TOPPS NOW® - Card Of The Month - April - Eric Thames - Print Run: 167  

 EST Value RAW: $39.99 - $49.99
Topps Now Collectors are about firsts (see the 2016 #1 Card) and this has helped this card maintain it’s value since it is the first Card of the Month (COM).  Thames was on fire in early 2017 and if he recaptures that magic and the Brewers make a run at a title this is the Thames card to own.   -JJM

MLB TOPPS NOW® - Card Of The Month - May - Derek Jeter/Aaron Judge - Print Run: 198   

EST Value RAW: $299.99 - $399.99
Judge was and is basically Topps Now 2017 even without a Rookie Logo this card is still on fire.  The presence of Jeter on the card shaking hands as if turning over the rains to Judge is simply iconic when it comes to Now cards.  With only 198 in existence I can not see this card going down in price anytime soon.  I own a PSA 9 version up on eBay at the lowest price selling on this card…I also own a RAW one that I will not sell for anything under $1K.  That tells you what I think of the long term value of this card. --jjm   

MLB TOPPS NOW® - Card Of The Month - June - Cody Bellinger - Print Run: 315

EST Value RAW $59.99 - $79.99

Another first…Card of the Month with a Rookie Logo.  This card has fallen from it’s lofty $200 price tag during the 2017 World Series and is struggling at the moment and will move as he gets through this sophomore slump.  This is why I continue to add the high grade ones to the hoard!  -jjm

MLB TOPPS NOW® - Card Of The Month - July - Aaron Judge/Justin Bour - Print Run: 377

EST Value RAW $29.99 - $39.99

I went to this Home Run Derby, so I love the card but putting Bour on the card hurt it as again no Rookie Logo.  I pick these up anytime a weak holder wants to dump them.  Another downer about this card is it’s somewhat high print run (for a Now card) --jjm

MLB TOPPS NOW® - Card Of The Month - August - Giancarlo Stanton - Print Run: 336

EST Value RAW $34.99 - $39.99